Isabel Barrios

By Isabel Barrios, Bolar Scholar at the Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala -Bachelor in Journalism, 2018-

The opportunity to enjoy a BOLAR scholarship has made me a better human, not only in the professional field as a journalist and, but also in my personal life. This type of help contributes to the realization of young people’s dreams who with their academic excellence, have achieve to study in great institutions that will help them to seek success.

I became a Journalist and I will fight to bring justice and truth to the country by denouncing problems that need to be solved in Guatemala. I want to find solutions to social problems through research and interest in the common good. It has been said that Journalism is the most exciting profession; I think it is because it is the most human among all, and for this very reason I thank BOLAR scholarships, that gave me the opportunity to study this career.