Isabela Hernández

By Isabela Hernández, Bolar Scholar at Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala -Degree in Clinical Psychopedagogy, 2019-

I was about to teach Italian to my little brother, when I said: “wait a little, I just need to check my email”. In doing so I came across with the best news ever: I HAD BEEN GRANTED A UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP! I am a very scandalous person, but the emotion overwhelmed me so much that I simply sat in silence, with a knot of gratitude in my throat and tears in my eyes. “Thank you Bolar Foundation, thank you God”, was the only thing that went and keeps going through my mind.

It is not the same to read that someone won a scholarship, than to know it was you that did; it’s not the same thing that your parents pay for your university, than to being able to tell them that they should not worry about anything at all.

I am aware that a lot was given to me, and that same way, much will be asked from me. So I have no doubt in my mind that I will do my best to be worthy of this great privilege, that I will give 101% of myself both academically and in service to my beautiful Guatemala.

Thank you Bolar Foundation from the bottom of my soul, thank you for this unique opportunity and also thanks in advance for the positive things that the scholarship will bring to my life.

The class of Italian language had to wait that day…Isabela graduated in 2019 and excelled in the university not only for her academic excellence (recognition received:, but also with her social project UMAVID (A Mind Open to Life), which defends life from the moment of conception to natural death and has been of great impact not only in Guatemala but internationally.