Yuly Yarima Pérez

By Yuly Yarima Pérez, Bolar Scholar at the Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala -Bachelor in Journalism, 2017 –

The opportunities really matter and my life has been marked by them, especially by my scholarship that Bolar Foundation gave me to study in one of the best universities in Guatemala, the career of Journalism. This help that I received from them was not only economic but most of it was human. It was an opportunity they gave me to be able to study in the University that improved not only my life but my whole family. Now I am a professional and a better version of myself, and this cannot be paid with money. Many young people have the will to improve their lives, but do not have the resources to do it, and that was my case and the case of the majority of young people in Guatemala. Thanks to this great opportunity and with my great effort, I finished the career of Journalism and I am able to practice the profession that I love the most with honesty and responsibility.