The scholar Wendy del Cid, who graduated with a scholarship of Journalism at the Universidad del Istmo, in Guatemala, as part of her social project she created a program of educational talks for the children of the orphanage “Luz de Fátima”.

She started with Lucía*, a 12-year-old girl and the oldest of “Luz de Fátima”, who has been living there since she is five years old. The program consisted in imparting personalized talks every two weeks, which included games and videos of topics such as Self-esteem, Hygiene, Femininity, Puberty, Modesty, Future Goals and Dreams, among others. She was given an initial test to know how her knowledge was in each area and after each talk, to know if the learning had been effective: “A trusting atmosphere was created with Lucia throughout the months, which was very helpful to finish the program successfully,” says Wendy.

“For us, the program has been really helpful. The one-on-one support to the kids on these different topics is great. In this specific case with Lucía, there are no more girls of her age in the orphanage and Lucia finds it difficult to understand certain things,” said Barbara Cofiño, head of the orphanage .

This program of talks to young kids, which Wendy conducted throughout her career, was focused on children aged 4-13 years and each semester was focused on different ages groups and different topics that she chose depending on every situation.

Andrea Rivera, a worker at the orphanage, expressed her gratitude: “I thank Wendy, on behalf of ´Luz de Fatima´, for taking the time to teach the children such important topics for their lives and also for her perseverance with the program.”

* Name has been changed at the request of the orphanage