Who are we?

Who are we?


The BOLAR Foundation seeks academic excellence along with the personal growth of students. We hope that the scholars will acquire a solid base and then go out into the professional world to make a positive change in the community that surrounds them.

We award student scholarships to Guatemalans who do not have the economic resources to pay for a career but wish to study at the university. The scholarships are for any national university, for careers in Humanities, to study a Bachelor’s Degree. We focus on achieving the development and progress of Guatemala, with the contribution of talented professionals, who with their study and hard work, can contribute to improve our society.


A) Promote the educational training of Guatemalan women, at a university level (Bachelor’s degrees).

B) Create an economic fund destined to collaborate with Guatemalan women, eager to undertake university studies.

C) Work for the strengthening of conditions that favor equal opportunities and the participation of women in social development.

D) Procure the development and progress of women at the university level.

E) Promote the recognition of women’s rights.

F) Promote the integral development of women and their participation in all levels of economic, political, and social life in Guatemala.

G) Create community participation projects that help the poor and contribute to the generation of employment, training and productive activities.

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