How to apply to a scholarship?



PTo apply for a Bolar scholarship you must send the following documentation to


• Grades from your last two years of study (High school or University grades).
• Personal essay that tells something about you, and also narrates why do you want to study the career you have chosen, why do you want to study at the chosen university and the reason why you need a scholarship.
• Socioeconomic study of your case (made by a Social Worker or by the University you are applying).
• Bolar application form (download here) with your information

•Recognition awards.

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Conditions to keep your scholarship throughout the career

During the career, at the end of each semester, these conditions will be reviewed in order to decide whether or not each Scholar should continue with the scholarship:

  • Do not have any sanction from the University for bad behavior.
  • Have and work on a community project that has a great impact in the community, during the whole career and send semiannual reports to check the advances.
  • Academic excellence: Have an average of 85 points or more during the whole career and be an exemplary student in class.



    It is personalized and covers a different percentage of the career cost according to each case; it can cover from a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 100% of the degree. It does not cover the cost of school supplies or extracurricular courses, either abroad or at the University itself.


    They are exclusively for Guatemalan women with academic excellence and economic difficulties.


    It is essential that each Scholar creates/work on a social project that creates an impact on the community around it, throughout his entire career. We have call this the “Pay-it- forward Bolar”. At the end of each semester the Scholars will have to present a report with the results obtained.