Carmen Camey

By Carmen Camey, Bolar Scholar at the University of Navarra -Double Degree in Philosophy and Journalism, 2015-

I am very grateful to the Bolar Foundation for giving me the opportunity to educate myself and to grow in interest for so many things. My training at the University was not only professional, but also human. I learned a lot by having the opportunity to study at the University of Navarra and living with people from different countries, which enriched me with knowledge.

I wrote this text a few days before my graduation: Pamplona, ​​a city that has been my home for five years. Here I have learned so many things: Philosophy and Communication, time and life management, I have met great friends and teachers. Now I have found myself a different and better person than the one that arrived five years ago. I have discovered things that if I would have stayed in my country, I would have never been able to do, and also I have learned from other cultures and countries. I have enjoyed every minute in the University and it has left a mark on who I am now. I hope I left a big mark there too. I can say with certainty that it was worth the years away from my country and my family, the difficult moments when I did not feel part of any place. Coming to the University of Navarra helped me find my place in the world, which I now know can be in any country, anywhere I want to go. And yet, I’ve decided to go back to Guatemala, not because I have better opportunities (maybe there are and maybe not), or because people are better (here I’ve met exceptional people) or because I miss people (although I always missed them). After having the possibility of going to any country in the world, I realized that I do not want to go where I can earn more money, but where I am needed the most. The opportunities I have had have broadened my horizons and now I know with certainty that Guatemala can be much more, and that it is in my hands to return to be part of that change. I know I’ve had a lot more opportunities than most of the women in my country and now is my turn to give back. I want to leave my life to pay it forward.