Daphne Posadas

By Daphne Posadas, Bolar Scholar at the Francisco Marroquín University – International Business, 2020-

Having obtained the Bolar scholarship is a great achievement. I do not have enough words to express how significant this is for me and my family.

It all started when I discovered the art of debating, while still in school, by participating in the Inter-school Debate Tournament organized by the Francisco Marroquín University. There I met students from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations and I knew what I wanted to study right away. Two years later, I am enjoying the enormous privilege of being part of that small percentage of Guatemalans who attend a higher education; it is something I do not want it to end never.

My deepest desire is to develop my potential so that through it I can act and be an agent of change, which as a woman is an even greater challenge in a society like ours. Every morning I wake up determined to be better. Although sometimes it is tiring, I think about the final reward: to be sufficiently prepared to contribute to the improvement of my society. I want to show myself and inspire others that wanting to achieve something means being able to do it. That perseverance and effort makes it possible to achieve success. That my gender do not define my actions or what can I do. I dream that one day my impact in Guatemala will be as indelible as these aspirations of mine.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! Definitely, having a scholarship implies a huge responsibility. I am aware of how privileged I am, and that is why I work twice as hard to keep my scholarship until I graduate in 2020. One of the biggest impacts I have had is the impact I can make in the academic community. Thanks to the scholarship, I have participated in several academic events in which I have the opportunity to soak up knowledge and learn. Without a doubt, I feel the necessity to return something from what I had received; I want to do something so that in, a future  many younger women, can have this same opportunity as I did.