Andrea Miranda

A great effort always has its reward

By Andrea Miranda, Bolar Scholar at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain -Journalism Degree 2017-

As a child I knew I wanted to study abroad. I did not know very well what, nor where, but an experience like that attracted me a lot. In my last years of school I decided that I would study Journalism and I started looking for scholarships to study in a different country. After researching, I concluded that I wanted to study at the University of Navarra (UNAV), for having the best Faculty of Communication in Spain and because this country attracted me also.

I graduated from school and the following year, in January they confirmed that I had been granted an Alumni Scholarship from Navarra, which I would later be informed that it would be financed by the Bolar Foundation, after applying for a scholarship also with them (the Bolar Foundation has an agreement with the UNAV to grant scholarships to Guatemalans). It was exciting to be one of the lucky ones!

I got on the plane that would take me to Pamplona, where the UNAV is. It was the first trip I made alone. I was shocked because the day had finally arrived! When I arrived I felt a bit lost, but it was something that I was already waiting for facing such big changes. I was impressed by the safety of the city, as well as the beauty of the Campus, which I could call MY university.

I really enjoyed my time at the University, I met several foreign and Spanish students. I managed to adapt very well. Thanks to this huge opportunity that Fundación Bolar gave me, I was able to graduate in 2017, from an exciting career in one of the best universities in Spain and the world. Without a doubt, all the effort has been worth it.

Some advices? Fill yourself with motivation, enthusiasm, energy, hope and hope. The key is to know what you want and why you are willing to fight for it. And if something does not work out, it means it’s time to find another way out and move on, there’s no time to give up! If you do not let yourself be overcome by the negative, you will achieve more than expected; more than you think you can achieve.