Gina Zanuncini

My experience: unique and unforgettable

By Gina Zanuncini, Bolar Scholar at the University del Istmo, Guatemala -Audiovisual Communication 2018

How did I get a full scholarship to study at the university? I must be honest. It was not something I got from one day to the next, neither working or making hard efforts for a few days. I acquired this financial help thanks to the dedication of months and years…

When we are in school it is very easy to take everything for granted and not be dedicated with our work. If you fail a class, you can always study more later to pass.; if you cannot get to class, a note from your parents or guardians is enough to let you hand in the homework later. However, what many do not understand in their school life, is that every effort has its reward.

I proposed to do my best in my last years of school. I had to be very disciplined to reject some parties or going out with my friends or simply disconnect from all social activities in order to study more and harder. Small decisions like that helped me to get very good grades and be more dedicated to school.

Also, I had the great blessing of having a group of friends who were very dedicated to study. The influences of others greatly affect our way of acting, and I can confirm that having friends who encouraged me to study and improve every day was one of the reasons why I got the scholarship.

I have always been willing to help others. I believe that if God blesses me it is for me to be a blessing to my neighbor. Fortunately, one of the requirements to have the scholarship is to carry out a social project, which I am more than happy to fulfill!

I graduated with honors at the beginning of 2018. I thank the Bolar Foundation for believing in me and supporting me with my dreams. I gave more than 100% and this, although it seemed complicated, was a pleasure to me, because I study the career that I am passionate about. At the beginning I did not think it was going to be possible and I did not think there were people who supported young people with their education. But there they are giving opportunities to those who needs them and will take good advantage of them. Do not think that it cannot happen to you, always do your best and you will achieve great things!