Sindy Quiñónez

The privilege of having a University scholarship in Guatemala

By Sindy Quiñónez, Bolar Scholar at the Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala -Communication Sciences 2017

My name is Syndy Quiñónez. Since I was little I used to participate in different school activities, but I always had a preference for writing and speaking contests. After winning several of them, my interest in the art of public speaking grew, so my desire to study Communication Sciences was born. I knew very well that in order to study this career, I should be living in the city to attend there a university, since where I live –Párramos, a village in Chimaltenango, far from the city-, there was not an option to do that. I starting searching and when I found out about the Rafael Landívar University, I liked it and the environment of it. It is an institution with social projection that I think is what our country needs. But to study there, I needed financial support, since living in Chimaltenango made the already high expenses of the career even greater. To go study there I must take a public bus very early in the morning and travel to the next city La Antigua, where another bus will take me to the university, and do the same all over again, at the end of the day, to return home. I did that during my first year, while also applied for a scholarship. I found out about the Bolar Foundation, and got in touch with them right away. After I sent my documents to apply for their scholarships and had an interview with them, I received a call from the foundation informing me that I had obtained the scholarship! It is the best news I have received. I graduated in 2017 and in the university I experienced unique experiences studying what I always wanted and got an excellent training to be a professional with vision, not only to look for my own success but also thinking about how to project my knowledge and collaborate with the development of my country that needs it. It was a privilege to have the support of Fundación Bolar when I needed the most.